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 100's of FREE Healing Tools by Robin Duncan
 Personal Healing & Transformation based on A Course in Miracles

Miracles in Prayer

150 Prayers for Everyday Living

by Robin Duncan

Reg. Price $19.95/book
Download - Yours FREE!

Free LIVE Online Healing

Participate or Listen In

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Reg. Price $195/hr. - Yours FREE!
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Miracles in Abundance

FREE 33 Day Journey of
Robin's Personal Miracles Stories

Miracles in Abundance

FREE 33 Day Journey of
Robin's Personal Miracles Stories

Delivered to you by email daily

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Reg. Price $197 - Yours FREE!

Miracles in Personal Healing

90-Day Fast Track to Peace Program
for Personal Healing by Robin Duncan

Delivered to you by email daily

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Reg. Price $7,485 - Yours FREE!

Miracles in Prosperity

4-Part Audio Series
Raise Your Consciousness of Abundance

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Reg. Price $197 - Yours FREE!
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Miracles in Relationships

4-Part Audio Series
on Healing Relationships

Reg. Price $197 - Yours FREE!
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Miracles in Love

4-Part Audio Series
on Love

Reg. Price $197 - Yours FREE!

Power of Prayer Series

Learn How to Pray (for Adults) 
4-Part Audio Series

Includes Bonus Module on
"How to Pray with Children"

Reg. Price $197 - Yours FREE!

Miracles in EFT 

EFT Prayer Tapping for Deep Inner Healing
A Guided Journey to Release Pain & Hurt

16 Deeply Healing Audios where
Robin will guide you through the Healing Process -
16 Customized EFT Tapping Scripts For You to KEEP!


Reg. Price $297 - Yours FREE!

"Feel the Shift"


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EFT Prayer Tapping Series
on Sexual Abuse

8-Part Video Series
Includes 16 Customized EFT Tapping Scripts


Reg. Price $197 - Yours FREE!

Learn A Course in Miracles
with Robin Duncan & Terry Masci

Join the ACIM Global Study Group
Meetings  Online Twice a Month

Attend by phone or computer

Offered by Tax-Deductible Donations
to AIWP Miracles Ministry
If you are unable to donate,
please register via email.
Thank You!
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Some Testimonials ...

"Learning from Robin is like riding a torpedo to Enlightenment!" ~ Bob Strausheim

"Oh Robin! This comes from my heart to yours. I am so thankful. I listened your video lectures from Youtube and all the puzzle pieces are just coming together so clearly in my heart and mind. You so eloquently, easily, pulled all of it together in one of these videos that I was looking at it and I was amazed! I don't know how to express how helpful this has been for me. So many beautiful revelations have come. I have learned new trust with prayer and I will pray more often with my ACIM group the way you taught. I just wanna say; I love you. You inspire me so greatly. I hope one day I could be as helpful as you are. Your Light is so beautiful, you seem to be so loving and soft but so strong in truth. It must be a very beautiful mind where you abide most of the time. I am so happy. Thank you and God bless!" 
~ Tiina Tuominen


"Hello Robin, Thank you so much for responding. I wanted to let you know I had listened to one of the audio lessons and followed what you suggested. That day I was calm. No negative thoughts. It was amazing, but it gets better! For about 2 weeks my blood pressure was really high, with medication. It was about 173/113 and I couldn't get it under control. That night I checked it and it was 123/74! I was so thankful and amazed. I knew then that God has not forgotten me. A miracle has happened. Thanks for the free downloads listed on your site."
~ Lisa Arnold


"Hi Robin!! Thank you again for my healing session. My energy has completely shifted since then and I feel so much happier and positive that I will make a full recovery. You are truly gifted and magical. You have so much powerful, beautiful energy, and are truly an Angel on earth. Thank you for also sending me the link to the recording from our session. It was beautiful and so powerful and I want to listen/meditate to it daily. Thank you so much. I love you with all my heart!"
~ Bridget Hood

"I can't tell you how much your ACIM Daily Audio Lessons mean to me... Such a world changing gift you are giving to us! I've studied ACIM for 10 years but this method is the BEST! I thank you!" ~ Kathryn Lau

"​Robin! You are truly an angel on earth. I feel so blessed to have found someone who listens profoundly, loves completely, and who is guiding me towards my best self. My intention has always been to inspire and empower others. I now know that I must do that for myself first... and I don't have to do it alone. Thank YOU! From the bottom of my heart."
~ Deborah Dockerill-Weed 

Thank you for being the mentor, the teacher, the gentle and sensitive and caring person you are. Your series tapping Prayer and Tapping on Sexual Abuse was exactly what I needed to be able to unblock the light in me that I was afraid to shine for more than half a century. Every day I have been experiencing a change in my life as the judgments, guilt and blame are being removed and replaced by understanding, compassion and loving-kindness. The Life Energy flows easily now to me and through me and the positive change is so noticeable. Your program helped me increase my Faith and Trust that I was lacking. Thank you for being who you are. All the blessings to you Robin."

~ Graz-yna

"Dearest Robin. This is the best gift, there are no words to express my gratitude. I did not want your seminar to end. I understood the way to pray. You made my Sunday morning the best day of my life. Once again THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU." Lots of LOVE 
~ Liliane Reeve


"I just finished the 90 Day Miracles Library and it has been absolutely wonderful. I look forward to doing it over and over again! Thank you,from the bottom of my heart, for offering this free resource which is a gift from Heaven."
~ Pamela Rothacker


Robin Duncan LIVE Online Healing Session

The 100's of ABSOLUTELY FREE Healing Tools that are available on this website are created by Robin Duncan over the last 20 years. Robin is a Spiritual Lecturer and Teacher of A Course in Miracles and she has helped thousands of people to release fear-based thinking, reclaim spiritual power, and learn how to expect miracles as part of daily living.  Robin is a Spiritual Mentor and lives her life according to her teachings. Through her heart-centered mentoring and practical “how-to” examples, she is known for helping people to feel safe and empowered to let go of what is hurting or holding them back. After 22 years in Executive Financial Management, Robin left her CFO position in the mid-90's and made a full transition into Holistic Health.  In her finance career, she held positions as CFO, Director of Finance and Internal Audit, along with Sr. staff positions with two of the world's largest accounting firms. Her clients say…  “Learning from Robin is like riding a torpedo to enlightenment!”. Robin Duncan is a proud sponsor of AIWP Miracles Ministry, a 501(c)3 nonprofit org. dedicated to promoting the teachings of A Course in Miracles around the world. Your tax-deductible donations to AIWP Miracles Ministry greatly help us to further this ministry and extend these materials to those who need them most. Donation buttons are located throughout the site. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Every donation is greatly appreciated and helps to accomplished this important work.  With love and gratitude, Robin Duncan, Terry Masci & AIWP Miracles Ministry


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Make a Tax-Deductible Donation 
to AIWP Miracles Ministry

Robin Duncan and AIWP Miracles Ministry
AIWP is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

P.O. Box 5580, Newport Beach, CA 92662

Bus. Office: (949) 673-1943

Copyrights, Use of Materials, and Waiver of Liability
These copyrighted materials and tools at represent over 20 years of Robin Duncan’s personal, professional, and spiritual work (as Guided by Holy Spirit) with the exception of quotes from A Course in Miracles, and these tools (in whole or part in any form), including Source TechniqueTM, Root Cause TechniqueTM, terminology, concepts, methodology, acronyms, stories, examples, and other concepts, are intended for your personal use only. If you would like to use these tools for something other than personal use, such as: Professional Use, Publication, Duplication, Translation, Sale, Distribution, Media, Workshops, Lectures, Shows, Broadcasts, Seminars, or to Teach these tools in any setting, contact must be made for further information and written authorization. All rights for these copyrighted materials are reserved worldwide. Unauthorized use of these materials is strictly prohibited. The copyrighted tools and materials at include audios, scripts, videos, Guided Meditation Scripts, Sound Therapy, EFT cards, and all other course materials written and/or created by Robin Duncan and are protected under International Copyright Laws., and all contents thereof, are for private viewing only. Any other use, including copying, reproducing, uploading to any website, duplication, translation, publication, public or professional use, wholly Fast Track to Peace TM or in part, is prohibited by law. By use of the website offered by Robin Duncan and her affiliates, you understand that you are taking full responsibility for your health, as well as your physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing. If these methods or materials (or any other course or product that Robin offers) seem uncomfortable in any way, you agree that you will stop the use of these materials and refrain from further use until such a time that you feel comfortable to proceed. The spiritual approach and course materials used at encourage a happier and healthier state of being. By using these materials, you declare that you are responsible for your own health, emotionally, physically, and financially, and that you waive all liability for Robin Duncan and her affiliates. This website and these methods are not a replacement for your professional medical and/or mental health treatments and/or your financial decisions. If you have any concerns regarding the use of these methods in conjunction with your ongoing medical treatment or financial decisions, please consult with your healthcare professional and/or financial adviser. If you are interested in the use of these copyrighted materials for professional reasons, teaching groups, distribution, sharing, duplication, publication, or translation, you must contact us for information and written authorization. Thank you.

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